Science has proven that endorphins are released when the body moves. It is this relationship between the body’s physical movement & chemical reaction that fascinates me.

Although I have been active since I was young – physical education in school, climbing at the playground, Adventure Camp (an Outdoor Activities Club style week-long camp), classical jazz dance & salsa dance – nothing has been the sweet blend of strength conditioning, control and flexibility that yoga does.

On the mat, our focus is turned inwards to firstly our breath before our physical faculties. Using our breath, we are able to move with better efficiency and endurance. Incorporating our breath into our movements allows our bodies to do more.

Yoga is also the perfect complement to many activities — it provides a lovely, gentle stretch after cardio workouts, weight training, and more. It is in the process of stretching out the muscles that they are allowed to recover and become more supple. This prevents injuries from muscle tear.

Of particular usefulness is Yin yoga — it complements yang forms of activities as mentioned above, including faster & stronger styles of yoga such as Core Work, Vinyasa Flow, Power Yoga.

My classes typically include the use of essential oils, music, and simple breath & meditation. They also focus on alignment & muscle engagement of the areas we are working on.

In my personal practice, I will incorporate a session of Yin yoga after any hatha or vinyasa flow class, as well as after any of my cardio or weight training sessions. To me, Yin is the balance to the Yang, the night to day, the cool down to the warm up.

I always look forward to sharing yoga, be it hatha or Yin. If you would like my to teach your next corporate or private yoga class, get in touch.