Regardless of our age or lifestyle, everyone needs some form of nutritional supplementation. A main reason is because the nutritional quality of the bulk of our foods is lacking.

There are a few factors. The most common ones being:

  1. A consequence of intensive farming, which doesn’t allow the soil to regenerate nutrients naturally.
  1. Farm animals are given feed that is meant to ‘fatten’ them up, so that one unit of the animal produces more meat. This doesn’t necessarily translate to good nutrition for the animal, which trickles down to the humans.
  1. Fruit & vegetables are harvested before they are ripe, as their transportation time & display period at the supermarket are factored in. So that they appear ‘just ripe’ when you see them on the shelves/display. As they are not ripening or maturing naturally on the vine/earth, their nutritional value drops.

Additionally, our lifestyle choices also mean that we are not feeding our food with the required daily recommendations for fibre, healthy fats, protein, and essential nutrients.

Thus, for the common lifestyle, nutritional supplements are already recommended to make up the shortfall in essential vitamins and nutrients.

Now if you’re also an active body or have a busy life (working professional, parents, business owner etc.), your body will need even more nutrients to support it from the additional stress that you are placing on it.

While supplements are good, there are many factors to consider when it comes to the efficacy of supplements. From the contents to the form of the supplement (liquid/capsule), all these affect how effective the supplement will be.

Thankfully, NutriSearch has published a book that compiles scientific research of nutritional supplements, called Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements. Their benchmarks for the products they have listed has consistently ranked the nutrition supplements from USANA with 5 out of 5 stars as well as Platinum (highest award). Backed by science & research, trusted by world class athletes, USANA is a world leader in quality nutritional supplements.

Most recently, in May 2019, USANA became the Official Nutritional Partner of Spartan U.S.

Says Spartan Founder and CEO Joe De Sena:

“I have been taking USANA products for close to 20 years now, and they provide me with the nutrition I need to keep moving. I truly believe in the brand and we’re excited to partner with a health and wellness company that shares our passion for healthy living to provide our community with only the best nutritional products available.”

However, I don’t encourage blindly supplementing just because someone says you need to supplement. My philosophy has always been: Find out the areas that require supplementing, before supplementing.

To know what you need, my suggestion is to take an epigenetic hair profiling. The technology & data is provided by Cell Wellbeing. With the report provided by Cell Wellbeing, then are you able to look at tweaking your nutrition, as well as supplementing with USANA nutritional supplements.

I had taken the Cell Wellbeing hair profile in 2014, almost two years after I started tweaking my nutrition. At that time, the report helped me identify whether what I was doing had worked, and what else could be improved.

My most recent report was done in June 2019, and surprisingly for a vegan, my calcium levels are good (thanks to eating spinach, kale, nuts), my protein levels are good (loads of mushrooms and beans). I was mainly lacking DHAs, antioxidants, vitamin C, some vitamin Bs, and vitamin E, all of which would boost my active lifestyle.

Should you wish to take a hair profile test, get in touch with me. It usually costs S$350, but we have a special price for those who are referred by me, plus more cost savings if you choose to supplement with USANA products.