I’ve known of this vegan pea protein since 2013, when I ran Wellness Way, an online magazine focusing on holistic wellness. It is made from premium golden European peas. Thus, when they approached me to be their advocate, I said yes!

I love that it is vegan friendly, and is also non-GMO, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, allergen-free, naturally sweetened with a plant-based sweetener, no artificial flavourings/colourings/preservatives—everything that I could ask for in my food!

Besides pea protein, the brand also has Good Green Stuff, a superfood supplement of 75 ingredients that contains essential vitamins and minerals. My other favourite is Just Fruit & Veg, which combines five fruit and five vegetables for a convenient shake on days when you’re unable to get sufficient greens & fibre into your meals.

Another reason why I love Nuzest is for their Kids Good Stuff range—perfect for little ones who are fuzzy eaters!

In my opinion, Nuzest is great for the busy lifestyle. It is especially handy for those who dislike popping capsules yet still want to meet their daily nutritional requirements.

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