My journey to become a sports & exercise nutrition coach began unofficially in 2012. That was the year when I was introduced to the idea of how food can either slow you down or boost you up.

This was partially started by frequent bouts of sickness throughout the year. Frustrated that pharmaceutical medicines couldn’t improve my resistance to the flu, I began looking at how I could naturally boost my immune system. Thus began my slow exploration into what types of food work for me, and what don’t.

It amazes me that a majority of people are unaware that the level of our physical health is largely due to the food we eat. Why are we unable to make the connection between our food, and how we physically feel?

Food provides us with energy. It also provides us with nutrients that boost our immune system.

Food can also easily cause us health issues. Ever had to deal with diarrhea? Flatulence or burping? Or how about the post-meal state commonly known as ‘food coma’? These are all direct physical reactions to the food we eat.

That said, there is no “one size fits all” template when it comes to nutrition. Each of us are different individuals in terms of body chemistry, lifestyle, and activity level.

We have to determine:

  • What are your goals for tweaking your nutrition;
  • Are you able to commit to achieve your goals;
  • What needs to be tweaked and what areas need to be supplemented; and,
  • What’s the most sustainable way of doing this so that it becomes a habit.

All that said, what works for you now may not work for you in two or three years’ time. This is due to various factors such as:

  • Change in goals;
  • Changes in the body (women have menopause or pregnancy etc.); and,
  • Change in lifestyle.

However, the main aspect of nutrition coaching is not about the food — it is about your relationship with food. And this often leads back to how food makes you feel about yourself.

As for me, I have chosen to be vegan simple because it is better for my health. Namely:

  • I have a slow digestive system. So my body requires an immense amount of energy to break down meat fibres. This causes me to have brain fog and feel sluggish.
  • I have a gluten intolerance that causes me to bloat and feel sluggish.
  • Some dairy products gives me diarrhea.
  • Most soy in the world are hybrid food organisms, and extended consumption creates hormone disruption.Onions & garlic cause flatulence.

I don’t expect others to eat the way I do, but to eat so that it makes them feel good and perform at their peak.

If you would like to figure out what are the things in your daily diet that is not working for you, or you would like to boost your energy, connect with me patricea@patricea.com to explore which of my nutrition coaching services will fit your needs.