Shakira And Jennifer Lopez | Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic
Shakira and Jennifer Lopez | Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

Let’s Celebrate Hot, Sexy Women!

Yesterday, a friend shared on Facebook this BuzzFeed article title Yes, People In Their Fifties Can Be Hot. The cover photograph was of Jennifer Lopez and Shakira performing during the Pepsi Super Bowl LIV Halftime Show this year.

Shakira is 43 years (the same age as me this year) and J.Lo will be 51 years old. These two women look amazing for their age. And so do I!

I liked the post, as it was a very positive example of two females who debunk the common perception that women past the age of 30 look matronly or neglect to take care of themselves.

However, a male friend of my friend posted a comment stating that “this idea idolizes women who still look 23”.

He wasn’t the only person who reacted in this manner to all the riveting and powerful images of these two hot and sexy women taken at this event.

There are many other blog posts and social media comments by the general public, about how these photos made them feel judged or that the photos are too sexy, etc.

To me, these are different ways of body-shaming, by saying that females past the age of 40 or 50 years shouldn’t be celebrated for being hot or sexy just because they don’t look their age.

And I’ve no idea why females receive it more than males… Is it just my perception?

As it was my friend’s post on FB, I chose not to comment in detail. Rather, here’s my response to various reactions to this incident.

I feel that both Shakira and Jennifer Lopez both deserve the figure and vitality that they have!

Have you seen the crazy amount of exercise that they each put in to stay in shape? And their nutrition plan (Shakira’s meal plan, J.Lo’s meal plan) as well?

Let’s remember that they are performers who require energy & strength when they’re performing their shows. Try singing and dancing almost continuously onstage for an hour, and tell me how you feel after that.

They certainly didn’t go on any crash or fad diets, and I don’t see them promoting any, either.

Thus, I feel that they should be applauded and celebrated for their dedication to keeping themselves in good shape & health.

Sure, one can argue that they have the resources and time to dedicate to this.

Yet, as another friend argued, there are those who have the time and money for doing the same, yet look like Rob Kardashian. So there you go!

Additionally, regardless whether you’re male or female, we need to stop body-shaming. In all ways.

Having washboard abs is hot. Having a belly is hot.
Having a big butt is hot. Having a flat butt is hot.
Having curves is hot. Having a slim frame is hot.

Why? Different strokes for different folks!

Because we are all made differently. Thus how our body retains weight or builds muscles differ.

I don’t have J.Lo’s curves. I don’t have Shakira’s sensual moves. I have a belly that pops out after every meal. I have cellulite and stretch marks from my two pregnancies.

Yet I am healthy, fit, and strong. I feel hot and sexy. And I’ve been told that I look anywhere from the age of 28 years to 35 years.

So I celebrate anyone who takes steps to be healthy. And if being hot and sexy comes with it, I celebrate it too!

However, being unhealthy is Not Hot.

Unhealthy is having poor lifestyle habits that lead to chronic health problems.

High blood pressure / hypertension, obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol, stroke are some common chronic health problems in Singapore. And fad diets are also poor lifestyle habits as they are not sustainable.

All of these are a result of poor lifestyle habits, and they can manifest even in someone who is skinny or slim, male or female.

And this is where excuses start coming out.

  • No time? Everyone has the same 24-hours a day. Make time to exercise, just like you make time for meals, movies, meetings, etc.
  • No money? There are many fitness as well as nutrition apps that provide workouts and keep you accountable.
  • I can’t resist ice cream / char kway teow / juicy steak. It’s not about restriction but about moderation. And also making the choice between reducing adding to your health or adding to a chronic condition.

Now, if these images of these two gorgeous women trigger you, and you still have reasons to not do something about your health, then you have to examine Why.

It’s time to be inspired and motivated by hot and sexy people, especially women, who take charge of their lives, especially females who prioritise self care & self love.

So let’s hear it for both Shakira and J.Lo!

Feature image: Shakira and Jennifer Lopez | Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic