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Wuhan Virus Highlights How Singaporeans are Unprepared

And how misplaced our priorities are…

It seems like a repeat of the SARS outbreak in 2003: panic buying of face masks (out of stock in Watson’s & Guardian & most other suppliers) and sanitary wipes, stockpiling of food and vitamin C supplements, and self-imposed avoidance of crowded places (the decrease in crowd makes my runs so much smoother!).

When will Singaporeans learn from the past?

When will we learn that prevention is always better than cure? That by the time the virus activates, it is already too late.

When we will learn that it is more essential to place importance on our health than on getting the latest iPhone / Huawei phone / luxury handbag / another 5K followers & Likes on Instagram?

Understanding Viruses

Theres a detailed article on viruses & how they work here, written by a biologist.

The important thing to note is that viruses are activated at the CELLULAR level. This means within the cells that make up our body.

Thus if you’re infected, the only way to deal with the virus is from the cell.

This is done simply by increasing your dose of multivitamins and fish oil, and plenty of rest.

Forget the vitamin C, it is not effective the moment you fall sick.

Also, once the virus starts spreading, hand sanitisers, proper hand washing, or anti-bacterial wipes don’t kill the virus.

Firstly, a virus is different from bacteria. Secondly, hand sanitisers and proper hand washing (which should be done daily even when all is fine & dandy) only removes the means for virus to be spread — they’re ineffective against killing the virus.

So save your money on those, and use the cash for…

Preventing the Virus from Taking a Foothold

There’s no denying that even a simple flu can knock a person out for a week or two, much less a virus such as this coronavirus.

And when you’re out of action:

  • You’re unable to work = Loss of income
  • You’re unable to exercise = You feel even worse
  • You’re Unable to get out of bed = Unable to meet friends or spend time with family

Sucks, doesn’t it?

So if you don’t want to worry about a virus ever putting you out of action, your best option is PREVENTION.

How do you prevent a virus from activating?

Get Vaccinated

Sounds like a good option. Until we remember that the flu virus gave us  lesson in realising there are many permutations of viruses.

So, how are you going to get vaccinated for all the permutations? What if a vaccine has yet to be developed for a permutation that we know of?

Stay Healthy

There’s more to staying healthy than just knowing it.

Top of the list for staying healthy is having a strong immune system.

Considering that the immune system defence is a combination of many factors, here’s what you need to be doing EVERY DAY to stay healthy.

  • Good quality sleep: This is not the same as 8-hours a day. Rather, it is a deep, restful, uninterrupted sleep that many people don’t get even if they get in 8-hours. Factors such as room temperature, lighting, pillow & mattress firmness all play a part.

  • Take nutrition supplements: the Singapore diet is sorely lacking of essential nutrients & minerals. If you think you get your daily MINIMUM requirement of calcium, fibre, vitamins B, iron, and so much more, think again. To repeat, it’s also about the quality + efficacy + absorption of the nutrients & minerals. Without the minimum required amounts of nutrients & minerals, your body is not functioning at optimal. So pop good quality multi vitamins, as well as fish oil tablets daily. The only brand that I trust to fully support my body at the cellular level is USANA – ask me about their pharmaceutical quality & efficacy.

  • Eat clean: Clean doesn’t mean disinfecting your food! It means choosing fresh food over packaged or processed food. It means making healthier choices that includes more fibre, over cheap choices that have no nutritional value. Yes, you save some dollars now but you pay more when you fall sick. Some quick tips – reduce sugar, deep fried food, stimulants such as caffeine; choose whole grains; whole fruit instead of juice; cut/peel vegetables & fruit just before you eat them. Need more help for eating clean? Enquire my customised nutrition coaching & workshop packages.

  • Exercise daily. Yup, there’s no escaping this one! Being overweight, unfit, stuck for time is even more reason to get off your butt and move. Movement BUILDS STRENGTH in your muscles, cardiovascular system, respiratory system, digestive system. Movement GIVES YOU MORE ENERGY. Movement literally KEEPS YOUR BODY HEALTHY. Plus side: Exercise teaches you time management of the same 24-hours that everyone has in a day. So you never will hear yourself say you’re busy ever again.

  • Hydrate. With water, tonic water (if you don’t mind the burping or flatulence) or coconut water. Everything else may not be ideal: Tea, coffee, and alcohol all dehydrate; Sodas, drinks from cartons or packets may have added sugar or are made from concentrates and contain little nutritional value.

  • Reduce Stress. Stress in all forms weakens the immune system. Regardless where it comes from, you need to reduce it. Exercising is a great way of processing stress. Spending time with supportive & positive people is another way. Doing yoga especially Yin or restorative yoga is excellent for releasing stress.

  • Ditch synthetic protection, opt for natural plant power. One thing that humans have yet to understand is that nature is powerful. Before pharmaceutical drugs appeared, the forests provided all that was needed for medicinal purposes. It’s still the same today, but we’ve found ways to extract the potent components. Use essential oils to boost your immune system & reduce your exposure to viral situations. Ask me about therapeutic grade essential oils.

Repeat. Every Day.

As long as you keep to the steps listed above, your immune system will stay strong.

Then in times of uncertainties, you won’t be one of those panicking, worried whether you will be knocked down by the virus.

Because you won’t. Because your body is already string enough to resist the effects of the virus.

So will you learn from this episode & take charge of your health? Be prepared, strong & ready.

Or will you go back to your mindless life of inconsequential existence, only to panic when the next outbreak happens?

Make your choice, now.

If you would like to get serious about your health and need some help getting started, ask me about my yoga, fitness & nutrition packages. Send an email now to enquire.