Bali Swing Bed

What Do You Want in Life?

Someone recently asked me this question.

The word ‘want’ denotes a lack, and I don’t think I lack anything, only that they’re not yet in my possession.

So instead, these are my hopes, dreams & desires.

For the World

  • That people realise that ease of mobility and overall good health is the most important thing in life.

Without mobility—and good control of it—it will be challenging to get around, much less achieve our goals and dreams.

Without good health, it is the same: you’ll be spending too much time in bed instead of doing the things that you have or need to do.

  • That people are kinder to each other.

Kindness is what makes things easier, and everyone happier.

After all, life isn’t about winning at all costs. Rather, it is about ensuring that everyone is a winner in some small way.

The more kindness you spread around, the more it comes back to you.

  • That people realise they DO NOT have time.

It is an illusion to think that “One day, when I have the time”. Because we all have the same 24-hours, and how we use those 24-hours is our choice.

Once the time is gone, we don’t get it back — are you able to go back to 12-noon of 31 December 2019? No.

Even working until 8pm at the office is a choice. Not making a choice on choosing life over work, is also a choice.

The only time that we have is the present moment, nothing else. So we all need to make the best of it, by making a conscious choice of how we would like to use the time that we have now, rather than waiting for time. Because, sometimes, time doesn’t arrive.

  • That people stop excuses to not love the people in their life.

Just because you’ve experienced hurt, sadness, disappointment and anger before is not a good reason to not love someone you care about.

It is also not a good reason to not let someone special into your life.

It is also not a good reason to not commit to someone.

Always remember: Be Kind, You Don’t Have Time.

  • That people chase their dream instead of doing what society / parents expect them to do.

If you’re not happy with what you’re doing in life, your unhappiness will spill over into all areas of your life. Then you’re not doing your parents, your spouse/partner, your children, and your friends any favours.

For Myself

  • My own place to live in.

Having lived a majority of the time away from my parent’s home since my undergraduate days (starting from the age of 19 years old, making it almost 24 years this year), I know that I need a space to call my own.

Without a place where I can root, I feel displaced. And when I feel this way, I am unable to focus on unleashing my full potential.

I know that once I have a place that I call my own, everything else in my life—work, interpersonal relationships, health—falls into place.

I’ve envisioned a walk-up shophouse apartment with parquet floor. A living area that can be converted into a studio for yoga & movement classes. There’s a tall bookshelf that’s my home library. On one wall, there’s a wall-shelf displaying photographs of my children & handicraft by them.

This area leads to a sheltered patio that can accommodate a round wooden table and two garden chairs, dotted with a home compost system & herb garden. This is where I sit to contemplate & think, to have cosy conversations with visitors over hot matcha or chai nut mylk lattes, or a glass of Prosecco.

To the other side of the living area, past an air well that is framed with side hinge windows, is the combined dining area and kitchen. There is an island for prepping food and that can sit four on high stools for intimate gatherings.

Past the kitchen are doorways to two bedrooms, a common shower & toilet, a space for laundry & drying, and a storage area.

The master bedroom is spacious and comfortably fits a Queen bed. In a corner, there’s a bamboo table & chair with seating cushion, set up as a home office workspace that includes a set up for creating podcasts, videos, and flat lay photos. Next to this is a waist high cabinet on rollers to store stationery essentials and electronic gadgets. There’s a tall Scandinavian style sliding two-door wardrobe, a wood or bamboo clothes valet, full length mirror.

The other bedroom also comfortably fits a Queen bed, single sliding-door wardrobe, cabinet drawer. This will work for my children when they visit, or for guests.

The entire unit is filled with wooden interior design elements as well as green plants. Loads of natural lighting & open windows for a breeze to float through the space.

Minimalist decor in all the rooms, having only the necessary furnishing & decor.

A safe place that is filled with happiness, positive & energetic vibes, a place where joyful & significant memories are created.

  • My children spending their teenage years with me, wherever I choose to be in the world.

Those who know my story will understand why I feel this way.

  • To always inspire people to take care of their health & wellness, and to accompany them on this journey as their coach.


  • To be known as an intuitive yoga instructor, movement trainer, nutrition coach, and effective agency owner.


  • To be in a supportive, loving, nurturing, empowering romantic relationship with a man who is self-aware, self-assured, confident, and is as much my life coach as much as I am his.