Bali Swing Angel 2019

Looking Back on 2019 to Look Forward to 2020

It’s the final Sunday of 2019. Two more days to this year, which has had more ups than downs.

Make no mistake,

Life is a journey with loads of ebbs and flow. It’s just a matter of whether the flows outnumber the ebbs.

Or vice versa. This year for me was the former.

Regardless of whether there were more ebbs or more flows, it is always good to give thanks for all experiences. There are always learning lessons in all experiences, if we can look past labelling them ‘bad’ or ‘good’. For sometimes, even the ‘good’ experiences aren’t what they seem!

Thus, I am taking these last days of the year 2019 to look back on 2019. I will begin with the ‘highs’.

Significant moments of 2019


  • Yoga demo class for soon-to-be opened Veda Yoga.
  • Started teaching yoga classes at in the CBD as part of a small team from Art of Yoga.


  • Gained my first private yoga client.
  • Accepted as part of teaching team at Veda Yoga.


  • Children spend nine days in Singapore, yay! We do the Forest Adventure at Bedok Reservoir.
  • Basic Yin yoga immersion.
  • Volunteer at BaliSpirit Festival 2019.


  • Children come to Singapore with me for 16 days, yay!
  • Catch up with Harry Zim, whom I met at Abbey Road, London in May 2018.
  • Assisted Tim Senesi at his yoga class in Singapore.
  • Assisted in a yoga class at Fitness Fest 2019.


  • Gave first public nutrition talk at WeWork, as part of a Nuzest initiative.
  • Dined at Michelin star restaurant, The Chef’s Table, which is owned by a friend’s husband.
  • Children in Singapore again, for 21 days, phew!

Nuzest at WeWork


  • Moved to a room of my own, in a friend’s apartment. Grateful for the space & quiet.
  • Signed up for motorbike lessons, yikes!
  • Took my first MindScape workshop.
  • Conducted first supermarket tour as part of Earth Day 2019.
  • First time to 1 Altitude, fabulous views!

MindScape workshop

July [Birthday month!]

  • Obviously celebrated my birthday. Simple gathering with five guys (three of them gay) at Going Om for drinks.
  • Attended Animal Flow level 1 workshop, with plans to get an instructor certification.


  • First time in Greece! Visited Athens and Santorini, with the generosity of a friend.


  • Demo class at a huge yoga brand studio in Singapore.
  • Surprise date with the man who would become My Knight a week later. Not fast, considering that we’ve known each other since 2018 & had spent many moments together last year. He even attended my yoga classes…
  • Watched the Singapore Grand Prix from a room at The Ritz Carlton, and partied at The Podium Lounge.


  • Spent eight days in Bali with my children. We went to Bali Tree Tops and Bali Swing.
  • Spent some downtown with My Knight, under the radar.
  • Taught two yoga sessions at a private wellness event.
  • Started teaching a small group private yoga class.
  • Passed out as an Animal Flow level 1 instructor, woohoo!


  • Gained my second private yoga client, thanks to a recommendation from a friend.


  • Watched U2 in concert. Didn’t expect it at all as tickets are a luxury that I can’t afford. But it’s all thanks to the generosity of my friend Lydia, whom I met at BaliSpirit Festival this year.
  • Gave more nutrition talks!
  • Signed up for my first Spartan race! I wonder what I got myself into…
  • Started training contestants of Fitness 360 contest in Animal Flow.
  • Launched The Yoga Agency to represent freelance yoga instructors in Singapore.
  • Taught more than 300 hours of yoga, which was my target for the year.


‘Lows’ of 2019

Of course there will be some things that don’t go as planned. I’m very fortunate that they are not many this year. Still, I would like to list them here as they play a part in my experience of the year.

  • A couple of days ago, I received news that Veda Yoga will cease operations at its current premises after January 11, 2020. Currently, there are no plans yet to reopen at another venue.
  • A couple of months back, I received news that Instiinct Studios had ceased operations. This was the place where I began my studio yoga classes, as well as my professional teaching journey.
  • A promising start to my entrepreneur journey with USANA Health Sciences had to take a backseat when my yoga teaching took off. There was only so much energy that I could expand. It’s alright, there’s always 2020 for this.
  • Stopped motorbike lessons after just one lesson. Other more important things got in the way. I still have intentions to obtain my license before I turn 45 years old!

And that’s about it, really! In comparison with the flows, these ebbs are quite insignificant.

Thus, 2019 has been really good to meI fulfilled most of the intentions that I set for the year, and more!

I am so grateful, so blessed, and so contented.

I’ve made my intentions for 2020 and I know that I will be receiving more blessings.

Have you set yours for 2020? There’s still one more day of 2019 left. So get down to it.

Then welcome 2020 ready to aim for the stars!