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What Am I Doing Here!?!

“There are days when you will wake and ask, ‘What am I doing here?’ Remind yourself: Why you do what you do; breathe in, exhale, and trust that the answers are on the way to you.” ~ Patricea Chow

I’m sure we have all felt this way before on some days. Having a sensation of being displaced or wondering about your life’s purpose. It is especially during times when there is strife or strain with other people in your life.

Perhaps it is with your partner or loved one. It could be with close friends, or some friction at work with your colleagues or supervisor. Or even wondering why the person that you like doesn’t respond or like you back.

It is hard to deny it, but humans are not made to be solitary creatures. We need time to be by ourselves, yes. However, we are made to share our joys and sorrows with others in our life.

It can be daunting when you’re doing work that ignites you, but have no one to cheer you on. Throw in days when things don’t seem to flow smoothly, and not being able to share your deepest feelings with anyone, it can really throw you off.

Then your mind starts playing tricks on you by creating stories and messages about your life situation, and the people around you.

I’ve been there many times in the past four years. I’m someone who makes relationships a top priority of my life—when the people in my life are happy, I am happy. Thus, I aim to always be transparent in my dealings with everyone, and do my best to not inadvertently or unknowingly hurt someone.

What if it is someone who hurts my feels, whether blatantly or unintentionally?

I don’t blame him or her—I choose to work on why I feel hurt and change the way I handle the issue in future. 

Their action is their choice, my reaction is my choice. I can’t change their action, but I can change my reaction.

I also keep an image in my mind: that wherever my loved ones are, they can see all that I am doing and cheer me on, having an immense pride in my achievements. This simple thought is what keeps me going.

Our mind is such a powerful tool—if we don’t master it, it will master us.

In the end, we hold the power to choose either to allow our thoughts take over our life, or allow life to control our thoughts.

What helps you to stay focused and drive you when your days are tough? Share with me in the comments.