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Stop Being Busy, Start to Just Be

This past week, one word consistently popped up in my life: busy.

It was everywhere on my social media feeds, as well as in my news feeds. These articles and posts made the same statement: Stop glorifying being Busy.

It’s true, isn’t it? We humans tend to use the word ‘busy’ to describe how our day is, when we’re asked.

But what exactly does ‘busy’ mean?

Is it just filling your time with things that don’t add value to your life? Or are you doing something or building relationships that enhance the quality of your life?

Both of these actions keep you occupied, but only one of them enriches your life and makes you feel fulfilled.

I am sometimes guilty of doing this, packing my time with appointments and projects to be ‘busy’.

While people always say that it’s a “good thing” to be busy, it can also be a bad thing if the “busy-ness” takes away your physical health, takes you away from relaxation & rejuvenate, takes you away from spending time with your loved ones.

Thankfully for me, I tend to listen to my body and will step on the ‘busy’ brakes when needed.

A good example is this morning: I woke up raring to go—I had planned to do a 30-minute workout, then respond to emails over breakfast, before heading out to meet a coaching client, and ending the day with teaching yoga classes.

But I had been nursing a slight cough since Tuesday, and this morning, my body told me that I wasn’t going to get that workout in. I replied the emails, and I’m now sharing this experience before I complete the other things that I plan to do for today.

So, always remember to take time out from being busythere’s nothing to be gained from busy if you don’t feel fulfilled, satisfied, content, grateful, or happy at the end of it.

Here’s a video of the Animal Flow® moves that I performed this morning, intending it as a warm up for the workout that didn’t happen.

If you would like to bring Animal Flow® to your office or your home, get in touch with me for details.