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Don’t Pass Me the Sugar

Why does every cup of matcha latte have to be pre-sweetened, and is then served with sachets of sugar/artificial sweetener?

Yes, that is my gripe about a cup of tea with milk. And don’t get me started on how offering only soy milk is considered a healthier option just because it’s a non-dairy alternative.

Most of you know that I love matcha in any form. Tea in general gently stimulates the body & mind, but I opt for matcha in particular as it has a high antioxidant content.

While I love my daily cup of matcha latte, I don’t understand why it has to be pre-sweetened when I order it at a cafe.

Firstly, matcha in itself is not sweet, just like all other teas as well as coffee. When ordering a cafe latte, it is simply coffee with milk. Thus, the logic follows that if I order a matcha latte, it should be made only with matcha powder and milk. There is no side note about making adding sugar/sweetener to the matcha latte before serving it to the customer. I’m confident that should someone order a cafe latte and is served with one that has been pre-sweetened, they would return it and ask for one without the sugar. Same with a cappuccino; ever been served one that is already pre-sweetened?

Matcha latte with coconut mylk at Harvestry.

Secondly, why does the beverage have to be pre-sweetened, then served with more options for sweetening it, using sugar syrup or sachets of sugar?

Requests to have it without sugar are usually met with, “The sugar is already mixed in with the powder, we can add more water or less powder so that it is less sweet.”

Could it be that my understanding of “without sugar” is different from others, when they think that “less sweet” is the same as “without sugar”?

In case you are wondering what’s the fuss behind sugar, watch this video: Sugar The Bitter Truth

I guess I don’t see the logic behind being served a pre-sweetened beverage, then provided with even more means of sweetening it. If the option for making my beverage sweet is already available, why can’t it be made without added sugar? Give it to me as it should be: matcha powder plus milk. That’s it!

There are many places guilty of pre-sweetened matcha latte, which in my opinion overpowers the natural refreshing taste of matcha.

Here’s the dirty list:
Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf
Jewel Coffee
Maison Kayser
Olive Cafe
Muji Cafe

Japan Rail Cafe

Now for the good news: here are places where you can get a cup of match latte without sugar:

Did I miss out any other cafes? Share your discoveries with me.