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A Time to Relax

One of the things we tend to overlook is making time to unwind. In a day of 24-hours that is packed with work, exercise, meals, and to-do agendas, it seems a challenge to set aside 1-hour to allow ourselves to fully relax physically, mentally, and emotionally.

“I have no time.”

That’s the most common excuse that we use. If you’ve never uttered these words before, then I don’t consider you as human.

Well, if you have time to chase Korean drama series, you have time. So it’s not about whether you have time or not, it’s whether you feel that something is worth making time for.

As I always tell my students, we need to relax to be able to do more and to walk further. Only when we take care of our physiological needs, will we be able to have more energy & focus to do more or what we do. (Whether we enjoy what we do or not is another matter. But while we’re at it, why not give it the best that we’ve got?)

So I’m very delighted to see return students to the Yin classes that I teach. It gives me great joy to come up with new sequences each week, because we work on body parts that we often neglect such as the toes, neck & chest.

As we ‘stress’ each part, besides welcoming in physical relief, we also bring about emotional relief & mental clarity.

In my classes, I incorporate the use of essential oils from Young Living. These essential oils have supported me since 2013, and they continue to be an integral part of my life. I choose them for the company’s history/standing in the holistic wellness realm, and also for the integrity of the company, despite it being a global business.

So, depending on what I feel called to focus on for the week, I select varying the Young Living essential oils to support various physiological concerns. In any particular week, the sequence can be focused on inviting more gratitude into life. In another week, it will be about how we show up in the world. This past week, the focus was on control.

I may not always divulge what the week’s Yin yoga theme is, but it gives me great satisfaction to witness how an hour of Yin yoga with essential oils can transform & rejuvenate.

And I am deeply honoured and privileged to share this holistic practice with my students every week some of whom have returned continuously since their first class with me.

Each week, as they take 1-hour of their schedule and devote it to their own well-being, I humbly & happily hold the space for them in my class.

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