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Recipe: Quick Green Breakfast Smoothie Bowl with All Your Essential Nutrients

Fruit smoothie bowls are my breakfast fuel – if you follow me on Instagram @patriceachow, you would have seen numerous posts of those over the past one to two years. I just believe that at the end of a 12-hour fast, our body is ready to absorb anything we feed it. So I would like for it to get all the nutrients and energy that it will require for starting the day on a good note.

My bowls are usually pulled together based on what fruit are in the fridge. But there’ll always either be a frozen banana or half an avocado in it. Either of these fruit gives the smoothie bowl a consistency that I prefer, while the latter provides my body with good fats, since I don’t eat animal fat (meat, butter, etc).

Today’s breakfast fruit smoothie bowl had an extra boost: NuZest Good Green Stuff. It contains more than 75 ingredients, including essential vitamins & minerals, nutrients, probiotics, and antioxidants, all of which are plant based. There’s spirulina,

You can read more about the goodness of this product at the link here. I love it because it is vegan, free of GMos, dairy free, soy free, free of allergens, gluten free, free of artificial preservatives, and any animal.or processed stuff that I have now opted not to ingest.

So here’s the very simple recipe for today’s Green Breakfast Smoothie Bowl with Essential Nutrients, #PoweredByNuzest.

Frozen banana
Half ripe avocado
1 scoop (10g) NuZest Good Green Stuff
Homemade raw cashew nut mylk, estimate amount based on the consistency that you desire of your smoothie bowl
Your choice of cacao nibs, seeds, nuts, chia seeds, flax seeds, berries, dried coconut flakes, cacao or matcha powder, granola etc. to top your bowl

Cut all fruit into small pieces.
Pop into high power blender.
Add in NuZest Good Green Stuff, and cashew nut mylk.
Blend, and serve.


Your fruit smoothie bowl is limited only by your creativity. Feel free to blend fruit in any combination. I have blended white & red dragon fruit (preference for the latter), kiwi fruit, papaya, mango, orange, peach, watermelon, berries, chiku, guava, nectarine, and more.

Most times I don’t add in the cashew mylk, unless most of the fruit used have a lower water content. Filtered & restructured water can also be used.

My go-to toppings include chia and flax seeds, and cacao nibs. Depending on what else is in the pantry, I just add them in.

Just go ahead and have fun with your smoothie bowls!

Disclosure: As a Brand Advocate & Ambassador of NuZest, I earn a commission from each purchase made through my referral link. Please ask me any questions before purchasing your NuZest product.