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Get your fitness & wellness fix at Core Collective

I recently checked out a new fitness & wellness space called Core Collective.

Opened since this March, the space is strategically located at Anson Road, which is the heart of Singapore’s CBD. With its location & positioning, Core Collective’s target audience would be the busy executives and C-suites that word in Singapore’s Central Business District. Even the decor will appeal immensely to them.

Spread over the 21st and 22nd floors of 79 Anson Road, Core Collective’s decor is crisp, stylish, and cool yet welcoming.

Waiting space. Notice the pantry area at the back with complimentary beverages.

Waiting spaces and workout areas flow seamlessly into each other.

There are showers with toiletries, lockers, towels, and complimentary tea & coffee available. The overall ambience is relaxed and comfortable.

There is a whole range of group classes offered here, that include aerial yoga stretch, Calisthenics HIIT, Pilates Reformer, Barre, Muay Thai, MMA.

So I decided to get out of my comfort zone and experience activities that I hadn’t done before.

Thus, I signed up for my first ever MMA lesson. All I knew about MMA came from my brother, who has been practicing it for over five years: it’s a form of self defense & he encourages all females to take it up.

Waiting area at the back, floor area for MMA/Muay Thai classes

With no idea of what constitutes Mixed Martial Arts, I went in with no clue of what I might expect in class. Thank goodness that out of eight persons in class, seven of us were MMA virgins while the last person had experience in Muay Thai.

Instructor Nazri Sutar had us practicing moving with the basic defensive stance. Cross & jab punching, ducking, going in for the shot, toppling the opponent, falling safely, and the stance to prevent yourself from being toppled.

My first MMA lesson, and will not be my last. As you can tell, I need to work on my wrist positioning & with looking more intimidating!
With thanks to instructor Nazri Sutar for his guidance.

As my brother promised me before I went for class, it was a full body workout! It brought back memories of my training in Tae Kwon Do (yes, I obtained my black belt 24-25 years ago!). Plus, it was a great way to let off steam & tension.

What I wasn’t prepared for was the close body contact that involved some form of grappling. Not to mention falling. All my natural fears–of falling & sustaining life crippling injuries, of being touched by a stranger in places I didn’t feel comfortable with, of surrendering control–all came to the fore.

But that’s exactly what MMA is about: putting you in what could be a potential real-life situation, and giving you the skills to defend yourself, should these situations ever occur.

Although it was an introductory lesson, I fully appreciated what I learned in class. Thank goodness, too, that my fitness level was reasonable, because all I felt the next day was a slightly sore chest from the numerous push ups and burpees that Nazri threw at us in between practice rounds.

The other class that I experienced was the Pilates Reformer. I have done many Pilates mat work classes before but had yet to do a Reformer workout.

Another first: Reformer class with I Rene, where we worked our legs, core, and arms using the Reformer machine.
Very interesting, and thank goodness for my overall strength!

For a machine that looks complicate to use, I Rene managed to break down the functions of each machine part according to the area we were targeting. She also adjusted the spring resistance according to each individual’s flexibility & strength.

In one hour, we blasted our gluten, hips, upper arms, shoulders, and core with strength condition movements on the Reformer.

For those who are new to the Reformer, you may feel some muscle soreness the next day. As for me, I only felt a slight ache in my glutes for a day.

So you see, boys & girls, a regular running or butt booster regime is important to keep your butt muscles strong! Well, in this sense, then a regular workout routine is important for overall body strength, flexibility, and conditioning.


There’s no doubt that Core Collective offers a wide variety of movement, strength, and conditioning fitness classes. However, it is their in-house wellness practitioners that sets them apart from other fitness facilities.

Stylish & chic, you can spend your time working in between sessions or class.

Their collective of chiropractors, osteopaths, psychologists, nutritionists, and other holistic healthcare practitioners complements the activities of their fitness classes. One can easily book an appointment to see any practitioner before, in between, or after classes. Considering that travel time is eliminated with everything located in the same premises, it is extremely convenient for active individuals who appreciate a complete approach to health & wellness.


Understanding the busy schedule of working professionals in Singapore, Core Collective has positioned themselves well to be one-stop provider of fitness & wellness services for those pressed for time & looking for convenience.

Group package prices begin from $355.14+ for 10-sessions (valid 4-months) and go up to $1,000+ for 40-sessions (valid 12-months), while Reformer group packages begin from $374+ for 8-sessions (valid 2-months) with the highest package at $2,075+ for 60 sessions (valid 12 months).

Group classes are available on weekdays mid of the day & evenings, as well as Saturday morning.

For more information, get in touch with Core Collective.

Note: This is NOT a sponsored post.