Raining Rice Padi Bali

Water connects us

There’s so much talk about ‘we are one’ & ‘we are connected’ as a way of reminding humans to be kind to each other, nature, and animals.

In reality, this concept is hard for many to grasp since our physical appearance and thoughts are obviously different. Babel Tower—in reference to differing opinions—aside, it’s hard to see where our similarities are when the population of the world looks as varied as we do.

However, we really are connected! People like the creators of What the Bleep Do We Know, Dr Masuro Emoto, and others hit upon & immediately understood the common thread that connects us: water.

– the earth is covered in at least 70% water
– humans are made of at least 70% water
– plants, animals, humans all need water to survive

Now when you have these listed down, do you see our connection?


Something so simple and basic in our lives that we are hardly even notice its presence anymore.

We use it for cleaning (showering, brushing teeth, washing clothes/surfaces/items), hydrating (humans, plants & animals alike), cooking, and much more. It’s the rain, the streams, rivers, lakes and oceans. Yet we have missed this connection, again and again.

So the next time someone challenges you to prove that we are one, and that we are connected, you have your answer.