One Bowl Quinoa Veggies Tn

Recipe: One-bowl quinoa grains vegetable meal

Let’s admit it: there are days when we would like to eat healthy but feel lazy.

Last night was one such day. Where I did only 20-minutes at the gym instead of my usual 1-hour. Where I wanted to eat well, but didn’t want to cook up a storm.

Thank goodness that I have a friend who, thanks to his laid-back nature, always comes up with the most innovative time & energy savers.

So he suggested throwing everything into the rice cooker for dinner. And this is the dish that we ended up with.


1 cup mix grains of your choice; I mixed quinoa, brown rice, barley, farro, amaranth
2 cups water
1/2 cube Kalo organic mushroom stock
Selection of sweet potato, purple carrots, celery, beetroot
Raisins, nuts (optional)
Tuna chunks (optional)

1. Place grains in electric rice cooker.
2. Bring water to boil and dissolve organic mushroom stock in the boiling water. Turn heat off.
3. While water is boiling, chop vegetables into smaller pieces and add into the electric rice cooker with the grains.
4. Pour the mushroom stock into the electric rice cooker.
5. Close lid & cook everything.
6. When ready, dish out. Option to add your choice of raisins and nuts for extra flavour or texture.
7. Savour and enjoy.

This would usually be how I have my meals, just vegan. However, whenever I do a gym session, I will have some protein after.

Last night, I added some Tuna Chunks in Water (with thanks to Ayam Brand) for the protein.

You can add your choice of protein, be it other types of fresh fish or even tofu.