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Go climb a wall? Easy peasy!

Yes, I climbed a wall and did some bouldering too on January 5, 2017 at Ground Up Climbing. And it was tremendous fun as I had the contestants of 6 Productions‘ Fitness Couple and Men’s Fitness Folio shows for company.

I’ve only ever climbed a wall once, and that was in December 2016 as part of a team building event held at the very same location, but the climbing gym was known by another name.

I remember that the last time I was on the auto belaying routes, I had some difficulty reaching for grips with my hands, and pulling myself up. My core, shoulder & arm muscles weren’t as strong as they are now.

Scaling the same wall again, slightly over a year later from my first climb…
PS: There are climbing shoes for rental but our group was so large, there weren’t enough for all of us. So I used my regular shoes.

This time round, I found it easier to stretch & reach, and I completed each auto belaying route relatively quickly with confidence.

I even gave bouldering a go. This was slightly more challenging as there wasn’t any harness or belay, and it was a shorter wall with grips. But again, I felt comfortable, and reaching the top of the wall was not an issue.

Caught in action on the bouldering wall…

We played games in teams that required us to solve riddles before we could do the next climb. Thus, speed wasn’t the only element that determined whether the group won the round or not.

Left to right: Men’s Fitness Folio contestants Ryan and Nathaniel, and Fitness Couple male contestant Li Ming racing up the bouldering wall in the first team challenge

What was also crucial was deciding who would go first and last for the climbs, as these were the ones who usually did an extra climb or had to race up the wall to catch up, if the group lagged behind from spending too much time solving the riddle.

Even deciding who was in your team was crucial! Turns out that you either needed people with long limbs or people who are really strong!

About half of the contestants had never done climbing or bouldering before. So it was interesting to see how, despite their inexperience or fear of heights, they just went for it!

Just hanging around with Fitness Couple contestant Cecila

Would I do this again? Absolutely, with a group of friends taking part in a race up the walls. After all, this is an activity that helps greatly in building team cohesion and cooperation.

Men’s Fitness Folio contestant Laurence & I showing off our upper arm muscles!

The activity was sponsored by Ministry of Adventures and Ground Up Climbing. Organised by 6 Productions. Check out our contestants on the 6 Productions Facebook page and vote for your favourite to win Most Popular.