Salad & Patricea

Kickstart the New Year with a 3-Day Gut Detox Cleanse

We’re only in the fourth day of 2018, so it’s not too late to get your digestive system cleaned out! Especially after all the feasting and drinking of the festive season that has just ended.

I have actually completed my last day of a 3-day detox cleanse for the digestive system. It wasn’t easy, since I have chocolate, organic rolled oats, and a ton of yummy dried nuts & dried fruit sitting in my pantry, staring out at me whenever I open the cabinet door.

However, I thought that the first work week of the new year is as good a time to kick start this monthly detox cleanse!


On a normal day-to-day routine, our digestive system (stomach, big intestines, small intestines, liver, kidney, colon) is stressed by the food we eat. It has to use energy to digest the food that we eat. This detox cleanse lessens the work load of the entire system.

Think of it as a pipe that has, with time, grime/dirt build up in its passage. This obstructs the passage, and prevents the smooth flow of water/sewage out. So, the pipe has to be cleaned regularly to ensure optimum performance!

In the same way, our digestive system occasionally needs a rest and a cleanse for it to keep functioning at its best.


This 3-day detox cleanse is based on simple steps that make total sense.

Day 1: Eat only raw vegetables. Without any seasoning, salt, dressing or oil. Just plain vegetables. You can eat as much as you, as often as you want.

Here’s my combination for breakfast & lunch:-

salad bowl

I threw together red & green lollo lettuce, spinach, wild rocket, celery, carrot, cherry tomato, alfalfa sprouts. The tomato and carrot gave some flavour to the salad, since there’s no seasoning, dressing or oil added.

I usually have my salad without pepper or salt or dressing, but I will drizzle either extra virgin olive oil or apple cider vinegar over. So not being able to use any of these for today’s salad was something new, and strange.

In the evening, I added green capsicum as well.

I ate two huge servings of salad for each meal, drinking loads of plain water in between, and I was still left feeling hungry at the end of the day.

However, the idea of this is that the fibre from the vegetables acts like a brush to dislodge food remnants in the digestive system. So whenever I felt like caving in, I reminded myself that I was doing this to revitalise my gut!

Day 2: Drink lime water.┬áThat’s it. It’s essentially 1 lime to 1 glass of water, and in between, drink 1 litre of water. Throughout the day. No other food or drinks.

The second day was the hardest of the 3 days for me. I was already feeling cold and unsatiated from yesterday’s raw salads, and I still had to follow up with only lime water.

The idea behind this is that the lime water acts as a detergent. It will push the fibre through the digestive system, thus combining together to throughly scrub & wash all the blockages out.

It was hard, really really hard. Since I am someone who is used to eating warm food and drinking warm beverages. It also didn’t help that it is raining season in Singapore, so the cold & wet weather made me feel even colder.

But I stuck to it. Even when I had to head out of the house for the afternoon & evening, I prepped enough lime water to bring along and drink!

Cleaning out my gut? Yes!

Day 3: Drink fruit juice. As much of it, and in any combination of your choice. So now that your digestive system is clean, it’s time to give it nutrition!

However, as it has been resting for one day, we still have to be gentle on it. Hence, fruit juices.

It kinda makes sense, if you think of how a baby goes from drinking mother’s breast milk (liquid) to eating semi-solid foods, before chomping down solid foods. Because it’s digestive system isn’t ready, so it has to be slowly introduced to solid foods.

Well, since I was quite ravenous by today, I decided to make fruit smoothies instead and chase it down with water.

Wanting to fill my belly more, I blended 1 avocado, half a mango, and a huge portion of papaya for breakfast.

The only thing missing to complete my usual smoothie bowl breakfast were the granola, dried nuts, chia & flax seeds, dried nuts, and dried fruit.

But you know what, it was the best thing that I had after the first 2 days of the cleanse!

I was still hungry so by 11am, I whipped up another smoothie bowl.

There are other combinations that you can do. Here’s one more that I did, and photographed.

Above is (clockwise from bottom left) red apple, pear, celery, green apple, guava.

I’m a fan of bananas, red dragon fruit, pomegranate, grapefruit all going into smoothie bowls. For me, as long as it’s a fresh fruit, it can go into a smoothie bowl!


One thing is for sure: the day 1 & 2 combination helped clean out my digestive system really early on day 3! *wink*

I have regular daily bowel movement, but today’s movement was much smoother and a larger quantity. Oops, too much information?

I also felt ‘lighter’ around the belly region, and I noticed that my food-baby belly was reduced remarkable after bowel movement.

I enjoyed today’s ‘meals’, and I could possibly eat like this more often, if not for the fact that there is so much sugar in the fresh fruit and that we normally don’t need more than 2 servings at breakfast.


This 3-day detox cleanse has been effective. I will do it once a month to give my digestive system a break and clean it out, even though I already eat about 70-75% clean.

As it is for a short duration, it can easily be done. Just avoid it when you are sick, having digestive issues, do high energy work/activity, have your monthly period, as you will need more energy from food.

If you do try it, let me know your thoughts and how you managed to pull through.