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When things happen, when they happen

Nine more days, and I’m off to India for my Yoga Teacher Training. It may seem odd, heading there & being away from family & friends for 200hrs of YTT (in my case, a total of 38 days). However, the choice was made after financial considerations.

When I applied for the course, there were many things happening in my life — change of jobs and in totally new industries; from 1 full to 2 part time jobs; huge pay cut; family issues; and for those who know, some romantic relationship issues. Well, everyone’s life always has something happening, cos that’s life!

However, the biggest thing about this for me was more of a sense of: “I’ve just settled into new jobs in a totally different field from before, I’ve just got into the groove of living & enjoying life. Do I wish to disrupt my life again?”

To be honest, even though I received my application approval a day before my birthday this year, all the ‘what if…’ were still running around in my mind.

It wasn’t until end August that I realised that the YTT is happening at the time that it’s meant to happen, and not early or later.

It’s giving me the chance to recalibrate & reset before 2018 begins.

It’s also giving me the chance to find out who are the people who really keep me in their hearts & thoughts. Five and a half weeks is not long, but it’s enough to lose touch with people who don’t value your company. At the end of 38 days, it’ll be an interesting return home, for sure.

It’s also put me in the position where I literally go with the flow of life, unable to plan beyond the week or weekend. All I can do is enjoy the moments for what they are, or all that happens with the people I am with. All without expectations even as I keep building relationships & walking towards my personal plans & goals.

And you know what? I’m enjoying life this way.

It has shown me that:

  • Good relationships with people are important
  • You mustn’t lose your self identity or dreams even when in a romantic partnership
  • A strong romantic partnership is when both individuals in the relationship support each other in their individual endeavours, while making time — no matter how little — to nurture the relationship with time together, activities together, chats.
  • Verbal reassurances are important but actions are even more essential to show that you care for your partner

Sounds tough? Think about this: if we can do all these for our friends, why can’t we do the same for our romantic partner? In fact, the more we should do so for our partner as it’s a bond that is being built for the long run.

In many ways, this trip is a journey for myself, it is a journey to within, a demonstration of living with what is presented to me.

I’ve said my ‘thank-you’s and ‘I-love-you’s to all the people who matter, with a few more happening next week. I feel as if a book of a part of my life is truly drawing to a close, and I’m embarking on the prologue of a new book.

If you’d like to be a part of the prologue and new book, please hop over to and contribute whatever you can to my YTT. Namaste, thank you, I love you.