WAIF Team MAD Finals Night

So I won Best Female for Why Am I Fat 2017

It’s been almost two months since I won the Best Female title of Fitness 360: Why Am I Fat 2017. I’ve been meaning to write this blog post a week after my win, but many things got in the way. Well, better late than never, right?


This March, I received a call from my long time friend, Eddie Ho. He started his own brand of fitness modelling shows under the Fitness 360 brand, after having done shows such as NutriMan and NutriGirl, as well as pageants such as Miss Earth Singapore.

Eddie had seen my Instagram posts on yoga and working out on weight machines at the gym of my friend’s condominium, which I began in February.

Since I started doing yoga regularly in September 2016, I’d seen my body become leaner than before. Even though I had some post-natal weight, I never saw myself as fat.

Left: September 2015; Right: August 2017 (photo: NKNDS)

Until Eddie said that my body fat percentage could be high  and thus be considered skinny fat. This contest was meant to help individuals, each with different fitness goals, achieve their target with workout and nutrition tips from a qualified trainer, over a three-month period.

I thought, “Why not?” I could do with guidance on how to use gym equipment properly, and learn more ways to train my body. So I said yes, and jumped in.


I was assigned to Madeleine of MAD Fitness Market. I love her boutique gym space. But it was her training sessions that left the biggest impression on me.

So this is what happened in our first session.

I had my body fat percentage measured by one of the trainers at MAD Fitness Market, and the numbers are below.

Then we started our workout!

Every training was a circuit done in HIIT style, and we did four rounds of the circuit. Each session would target a specific group of muscles or area of the body.

Here’s the circuit of another day:-

What I took away from my trainings with MAD:

  1. The quality of the rep is more important than how many reps are done.
  2. When you feel like you can’t do it anymore, push just that little bit more.
  3. Turning up on time is a form of respect for your trainer, but most importantly, yourself. Otherwise, you shortchange yourself of your training time. Cos no trainer’s gonna extend your session past your allocated timing.
  4. Having a fitness goal will provide you with more focus during your training. Cos the workouts to burn fat are different from the workouts that build lean muscle.
  5. Have faith that all will come together.


It wasn’t just circuit training at the gym. I also took part in many fun activities.

Dragon Boat Battle: My team lost to the professionals!


Why Am I Fast: A race to be the first team to reach the final check point. We had to complete a workout at each checkpoint before we were given the clue. My team won!

Stewards Riverboat: We bonded over mocktails & finger food on Singapore’s only Mississippi-style boat.


NutriFirst Jurong East outlet visit: We attended the grand opening and picked up some supplements.


There were many other outings during the 3-months journey. You can view them on the 6 Productions Facebook page or on my personal FB page.



Yup, that’s the only way to describe it. To be very honest, I never for one moment throughout the entire journey thought I would win. For starters, I was already skinny, so any transformation will be minute or in other words, difficult to see.

My main aim was to gain more muscle definition, reduce my body fat percentage, and decrease my visceral body fat rating. I did achieve all that, but those are internal and can’t be obviously seen.

Additionally, as I didn’t expect to win, I hadn’t invited many of my friends to attend. Although I did manage to sell tickets to the show, only two turned up. And even they were surprised by my win.

It took me two days to recover from the exhaustion of what the finals night brought to me. Then it finally sank in on Monday evening that I had won.


I’ve gained so much from this experience.

  1. If something matters much to you, you will find the time and money to do it.
  2. Fitness is non-negotiable—you need a health & well body to do all the things in life: work, have a holiday, take care of your family & loved ones, sleep well, feel good.
  3. The only person who can motivate you, is YOU!
  4. There are more ways than one to do an exercise. For example, I learned how to do Russian Twist in four different ways.
  5. To lose weight, it is 30% exercise and 70% what you eat.
  6. We can’t cut out carbs—we just need to eat better quality carbs.
  7. Processed sugar and anything else is bad for the body.
  8. You don’t need coffee or caffeine to get high on life.


If you need to kick start your own fitness routine, 6 Productions has two new fitness modelling shows that begin this month.

We have Fitness Couple and Men’s Portfolio. Click on the links to find out what they are about, and register your interest. The first fitness activity is this October 14, and I’ll be there. Hope to see you!