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Water for Health

Many years ago, I did a Hair Profile test done by Dr John Rogerson. This test can determine the internal physical health of your body by analysing some strands of your hair.

The most alarming thing of my report was a high level of metals in the body. Dr Rogerson said it wasn’t a huge cause for alarm, as sometimes what it means is that I’m more sensitive to metals.

My question was: Where did the metals come from?

What was more worrying for me was my excessive hair loss—I recall dropping close to at least 80 strands of hair a day in the years I was living in Bali. And with this report, I suspected that the hair loss was related to the condition of my body.

At the time of doing this report, my daily nutrition was quite similar to what I have now (see previous post for a summary). So the only thing that I felt played a major role, was probably the water that I was drinking.


There’s so much emphasis on what we eat, the majority of the population have forgotten one simple fact: a person can live a few days without food, but will probably die within 48 hours without clean drinking water.

One of the things we learned in middle school—as an introduction to biology—is that our body composition is at least 70% water. So it makes sense that if we don’t replenish the water that we lose through perspiration, urinating, and breathing, our body wastes away quickly.

What most of us don’t realise that our supply of CLEAN water for DRINKING is depleting. Sure, the amount of water on earth is the same due to the water cycle—heck, we could even have drunk some dinosaur piss at some point of our lives!

The fact is that while the total volume of water remains the same, the amount that remains clean and fit for drinking shrinks every year.

Thanks to our industrial revolution, we have polluted our waters with all forms of synthetic and artificial chemicals that can’t be eliminated from our earth & environment—Where does bleach go or evaporate to? Where do all the toxic chemicals from the production of leather and motor vehicles flow to?


So what happens? Governments attempt to RECYCLE polluted water through various methods. Filtration, cleaning etc.

But these processes also involve using synthetic chemicals, which may strip water further of essential vitamins and minerals found naturally in water from springs. Traces of materials used in the purification process may also remain in the ‘clean’ water.

So to counter all these, stuff is added to drinking water—fluoride is the biggest and most well-known since they market it as being good for teeth (truth is, you just need a good source of calcium for healthy teeth and it ain’t gonna come from your toothpaste or water).

Now, think about how all these added stuff affects your body. Which is more than 70% water.

So you could be eating clean, organic, non-GMO, non-processed foods etc. But if you don’t pay attention to the water you are drinking, you are still damaging your body.


What I have been doing since 2013 is to filter my drinking water at home through a jug that has an active carbon filter. I used to live in Bali then, and our drinking water came in plastic gallon bottles (plastic bottles is another thing that I will go into in a later post). There are many brands of such water filter jugs available in Singapore or from online shops.

When I was in Bali, I used a Novita jug that I bought from Singapore. After filtering the water through the jug, the water was poured into a Flaska jug to restructure the water using orgone technology.

Now back in Singapore, I’m doing the same with my water, considering that the quality of our tap water is, to put it mildly, crap (NEWater—which is not new cos it’s not from a natural spring—anyone?).

I considered getting the same Novita jug that I had in Bali. But someone recommended the water filter jugs & bottles by Epic.

Considered the best on the market as Epic carbon water filters removes up to 99.99% of contaminants in tap water. This includes ‘chlorine, heavy metals, industrial and agricultural pollutants and trace pharmaceuticals – as well as 90% of fluoride.’

Supposedly, someone brought one of the bottles to Bali, filled it with water from a ditch and drank from it. Woah, I’m not THAT brave yet even if I do believe the claims of the filter.

So if you’re already eating clean, exercising regularly and wondering why your health or energy levels are not optimum, take a look at the quality of your water. You don’t wish to be putting clean food into your body and washing it down with unclean water. It’s kinda like soaping your skin well but washing it off with water from the ditch.


Since this July, I’ve been using the Epic Alkaline Water Filtration Pitcher at home, and the Epic Water Bottle Tritan series follows me wherever I go.

The immediate observation: Water is tasteless.

There isn’t any ‘rusty’ or powdery taste, not ‘chemical’ after taste either.

The biggest change for me since drinking water filtered by Epic water filters, is noticing that my hair fall has reduced dramatically. Now, I don’t think I drop more than 20 strands of hair in one day.

The other huge plus of using an Epic water bottle is its environment sustainability. Having your own bottle means you buy less one-time-use bottled water. Epic claims that by the time it comes to replace the filter in your Epic water bottle, ‘it’s already replaced 550+ plastic bottles.’

The filter is also 100% recyclable, and the plastic used for making the bottles and pitchers are BPA-free. If you prefer, they also have stainless steel bottles.


There are other brands of activated carbon water filters in the market. Do your own research and go for the one that you’re most comfortable with. It doesn’t matter, as long as you get your drinking water filtered!