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Why Am I Fat

If you’ve been following my Facebook and Instagram feeds recently, you will know that I’m a contestant in a fitness contest by 6 Productions, called Fitness 360 Transform: Why Am I Fat.

Some friends have asked me: “How are you fat, when you are skinny? Some of the other contestants are also slim!”

Well, it is true that I am tall and slim. However, I am not lean and toned. In fact, I had some body fat that I desired to lose, and felt that I had hit a plateau in my workouts and nutrition plans. So when I was given this chance to join as a contestant to workout with a personal trainer to receive targeted strength conditioning and nutrition advice, I jumped at it.

Body Fat measurement at MAD Fitness Market in April 2017

My present workout schedule goes like this:
Monday- Gym session with workout buddy at his condo’s gym. If gym doesn’t happen, it’s vinyasa yoga.
Tuesday- Run 3-5km
Wednesday- Rest. Sometimes I will hop into a gentle yoga class at Yoga Instiinct.
Thursday- Gym interval training with my trainer at MAD Fitness Market. Usually incorporates calisthenics and weights such as dumbbells or kettle bells.
Friday- Run or rest (depending on how intense the previous day’s session was)
Saturday- Similar to Thursday
Sunday- Rest

I do yoga for flexibility and strength conditioning, gym for muscle building and definition, running for cardio endurance and strength, calisthenics for a full body workout.

For friends who have known me since 2003, they understand that this much movement activity in a week is nothing new; I used to dance six times a week, before the year 2006. I would put in at least 1 hour of dance lessons from Mondays to Fridays, and clock nine hours on Sundays (1 hour each of salsa, Latin standard, adult ballet and hip hop, as well as five hours of classical jazz dance).

Then I stopped because being a mother got in the way.

In September 2016, I decided to ease myself back into the active lifestyle with yoga. It began with 20-minutes intense hatha yoga flow (following Ekhart Yoga YouTube videos) and mat Pilates (following Blogilates YouTube videos) at home, three times a week. In January this year, I started taking yoga lessons twice a week at Yoga Instiinct, where I currently work as a Lifestyle Curator (go figure out what I do!). Since April, I’ve been working out twice a week at MAD and in May I began running 3-5km at least once a week.

Get Up with kettle bell

Some people ask why I work out the way I do. There are many reasons.

  1. I miss the movement of dance, as well as the cardio, strength, and conditioning that it gave me.
  2. I carried post-natal body fat and weight for about eight years from the year 2008 onwards. I didn’t feel good about myself, coming from a place where I was fit (from dance) and had muscle definition. Suddenly, I had cellulite, I had to choose L or XL sizes, and I had no strength for many things.
  3. I can feel how my body has changed and improved from the exercises that I do- I dropped one dress size at the beginning of this year, and I can still feel my body become leaner and more toned.
  4. Exercise makes me happy. You know, all that stuff about endorphins, releasing stress and et cetera.
  5. I get a sense of accomplishment after completing a workout. Sure, I swear through it or keep asking myself why I’m doing it. But after the workout is completed, I am proud of myself for not giving up.

It isn’t easy for me to do half of the workouts that I do—I don’t particularly enjoy running, calisthenics or going to the gym as the repetitive movement bores me; I prefer dance for its variety and range of motion. But I can feel how these various workouts have effectively developed various functions and parts of my body. So I grit my teeth, focus and push through the movements.

There’s also one thing that my trainer MAD tells us: “Use it or lose it.” She is referring to our muscles.

If we don’t keep them at work by using them, our muscles will lose their memory of how to function well. Keeping our muscles engaged through movement also gives them more range to be active with. Otherwise, you will notice that the body doesn’t move so well.

Of course the aesthetics advantages can’t be denied. The good thing is that if you are looking for someone who is fit, you can be sure that they are looking for someone who is fit too. Then when two fit people get together, they can workout together!

MAD team mates Trudy and Jappy. Taken in June 2017 during our Why Am I Fast race around Marina Bay area.

Anyone who has an active lifestyle will know how some company can help with motivation and focus. So it helps that the Fitness 360 Transform: Why Am I Fat program has brought likeminded individuals together to workout. We have become friends and we motivate each other to do more or go to the next level.

Our fitness journey together comes to an end on August 11, where we will show our transformation on stage at the Auditorium of the Civil Service Club from 7pm onwards. Come support and vote for us! Tickets are $18 and can be purchased from me, send an email for details on how to get yours now.