2 Things That Confirm You Have Found Your Soul Purpose for Work

Do you wake up every morning asking “Do I have to go to work?”, and end the day with, “Thank goodness it is over!”

Or do you jump out of bed and shout, “I cannot wait to get to work!”, and at the end of the day exclaim, “That was a fantastic day and I am looking forward to tomorrow!”

How do some people get excited about a new work day and dive eagerly into it, while others dread it and cannot wait for it to end?

The one simple answer to this is this: Soul Purpose.

When you have found your soul’s purpose, it is very simple to do things that align with your soul’s purpose. Then work no longer feels dreary, boring, or meaningless.

How do you know that you have found your soul’s purpose? We can go through many phases in life, and perhaps you may think that our soul’s purpose will change as we grow numerically older.

However, your Sole Purpose of this life was decided even before you entered the physical body it resides in on this earth. As long as your actions and thoughts align with your soul’s choice of life purpose, you will wake every day raring to go and not stop.

So, what is the one thing that lets you know you have found your soul’s purpose?

It is a feeling that you have when you when you are working, playing, or interacting with people for your soul’s purpose. This feeling is JOY.

When you feel joy as you work. When you feel joy as you are talking about what you do to other people. Then you know that you are doing something that satisfies your soul’s purpose .

How can you affirm that it truly is joy that you are feeling as you work, play and interact with people?

When you also feel gratitude for the joy you have.

JOY and GRATITUDE. If you have them every second of the time when you are living, you have found your soul’s purpose. Then you know you are walking the best path of work and life for your soul.

When this happens, you will jump out of bed every morning shouting, “I cannot wait to get to work!”, and end the day by exclaiming, “Thank you for all the wonderful things that I did today!”