Wellness Way is About… Me & My Ideas

In 2013, I started Wellness Way to show that we can include wellbeing and wellness into our daily routine. So that we can have a more balanced, inspired, and happy life.

It has since evolved into an online magazine helping mothers who are looking for kid-friendly products especially items that are environmentally friendly; chemical-free; sustainable; ethical; cruelty-free; and are fair trade.


These markers came about from my own beliefs and attitudes towards people, fashion, and beauty. They are not marketing jargon that I chose, so that Wellness Way can appear in with the times.

Who am I? I am a Singaporen, who before the year 2007, was oblivious to the ingredients used in our food, cosmetic, and hair and body products; who did not understand the extent to which animals and humans are sacrificed for fashion and beauty products; who did not see the relation between the health of our earth and the daily products that I consumed.

Things began changing in the year 2007, when I became an expectant mum. I started asking myself why hair dyes, nail varnishes, and certain foods are not recommended for pregnant mums. If these things are harmful to the foetus, why are they considered fine for kids or adults?

These questions started me on my journey that eventually led to Wellness Way. I am now a mother of two. More importantly, I am now someone who believes that health, happiness, and wellbeing are a result of ensuring that your entire body is taken care of through good nutrition, natural skin and body care, and earth friendly fashion items.

I do not practice yoga. I do not chant kirtans or recite ohms. I am not vegetarian, much less vegan or raw foodist. I do not know when the moon cycles, or planet journeys (mercury retrograde, anyone?), or energy waves happen. I do not read scriptures or follow any gurus or prophets. I do not go around actually hugging trees.

But I am conscious about my life choices- what I say, what I do, who I hang out with. I am against animal cruelty for beauty or fashion. I am against child or slave labour for beauty, fashion or anything else. I am against destroying our earth for anything.

I believe in organic, free range, chemical and pesticide free food and products for the benefit of our bodies. I believe in fair wages for people who work. I believe in not testing products on animals, or using animal skins or parts in products. I believe in environmentally friendly and sustainably farmed ingredients for all products. I believe in supporting local producers, who are organic/environmentally friendly/cruelty free. I believe in supporting local communities and promoting indigenious traditions. I believe in celebrating life through music, dance, arts, and having fun!

I am an example of how we can combine fashion and beauty with conscious choices that are gentle on our environment, which also includes the people around us.

There is no need to separate yoga-vegan/raw food-organic-earth friendly-cruelty free lifestyle from a fashion-style-beauty-on trend-groomed lifestyle. Through Wellness Way I show that fashion and a conscious lifestyle can be achieved together, and is possible.


The strict parameters on what can be featured in our online magazine means that the content of Wellness Way is very niche.

For example, we will not feature an organic snack, if one of the ingredients used includes palm oil. We covered the side effects of palm oil production in this article. Another example is not writing about beauty products that although does not use toxic chemicals, is being tested on animals.

As a result, the audience of our online magazine is also niche. Our readers share the same values and want to know about brands and products that tick all their strict criteria.

At the same time, there are people who are slowly becoming aware of the unethical and pollutive nature of many fashion, lifestyle, and beauty products that we use. They are searching for articles that present them with alternatives that show them that we can care for the environment and people around us, without giving up on fashion and beauty.

The clear direction and ethos of the Wellness Way has attracted some big names to our website.

We have been honoured to work with the following:
BaliSpirit Festival
Ubud Village Jazz Festival
Ubud Writers and Readers Festival
Young Living
Lacquer & Spa
Heavenly Spa at Westin Bali
Blackmores Singapore

These people trust us with their message. What about you?


All things said, it is not necessary to reinvent the wheel by throwing out anything in your home that is synthetic. One of the best ways of protecting our environment is to upcycle, reuse, and recycle the items that we already have.

Two months ago, I turned a spaghetti strap top into a piece of rag. I bought the topĀ from Sportsgirl 20 years ago, when I was 17 years old. It was first worn outdoors, then became an indoor top, before transitioning into a top for sleeping. The sphagetti straps finally broke one night, and that sealed their fate to become rags.


I find it very difficult to back new brands that do not consider the environmental impact that making something new has on the earth, and also on the local community where it is produced.

For example, a new clothing label that produces t-shirts where proceeds go towards building schools in an impoverished town. Or a lipstick with sales proceeds going towards healthcare in areas that lack medical supplies and expertise.

Questions that pop up include:
Were the t-shirts made in a sweatshop?
Does the manufacturing and production of the t-shirts use fibres or chemical dyes that pollute the earth?
Does the lipstick include synthetic or toxic chemicals?
Is the lipstick cruelty free?

Buying items like these is a double-edged sword – you help one side, but on the other side you are perpetuating practices that are not healthy for the environment or for yourself.


There are many brands that combine plenty of the parameters that I have mentioned: being organic, being environmentally friendly, has sustainable and ethical practices, gives back to the local community and producers, benefits our bodies.

They ARE out there, and they are not difficult to find if you keep your finger on the pulse. Or simply, just check in to Wellness Way for your weekly dose of ethical, eco-friendly, chemical-free, and sustainable choices to enhance the wellbeing, beauty & style of mothers, fashionistas male & female, and healthy bodies.