Day 14 Gratitude & Wish

Grateful for the people I have met through Young Living: Actually, Young Living has given me many things, ever since I started using the brand’s products in March 2013.

Today, I want to focus on the people whom I have met through Young Living, who all have a shared love of the brand.

When I started using Young Living essential oils in March 2013, it was mainly for my personal health needs. I remember telling the person who introduced me to the oils that I did not want to work it as a business. Simply because it used the Multi-Level Marketing model, and there was alot of negativity surrounding the ethics of MLM members.

Now that I am part of the huge numbers of network marketing professionals, I have come to realise that fault lies in the people and not in the system.

Yes, there are members who accost unsuspecting people who walk into the office and encourage them to buy a large amount of products to push up their commissions. Yes, there are members who poach members from other people’s organisations/lines. Yes, there are members who only care about the sale, without following up or building a relationship after the sale is done.

Yet, these are just a few bad apples, and they exist in every direct sales industry that you can think of: insurance, financial planning, advertising, automobile, property.

Coming back to Young Living, I am grateful that most of the people I have been exposed to are not commission-greedy individuals. Rather than being a slave to money, they have a more holistic relationship with money. Money has become one of the many tools that assist them in what they do for work, and most are in the business of transforming lives.

I have been very fortunate to meet and become friends with Young Living distributors who have a love for other humans, and want to spread the message of non-invasive healing to others.

I would like to give a shout out to some of these people:

Amalia Wai Ching
Annthea Matheson
Olivier Wenker
Bobbi Aqua
John Rogerson
France Fuller
Bernadette Bodenmueller

They have given me support in many unexpected ways, be it some news information or tip, or just being a supportive connection on my Young Living journey. Some of them are not even in the same organisation as I am, but have been so generous in their spirit and help. It is quite amazing to become friends with these people through the common use of one brand, Young Living.

I believe that it is our shared desire to bring support, love and happiness to others that has brought these wonderful individuals and myself on this journey with Young Living. I am so grateful to have them in my life.

My wish for the day: That I am as inspiring, supportive, and loving for others, as these people have been for me.


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