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Day 1 to 6 Gratitudes & Wishes

I had originally wanted to begin the new year with a new blog set up, and to have one post up every day to reignite my passion for writing and personal wish of writing more.

But the blog was not ready, not even on day 6, as you can see from its look.

Yet, my personal promise cannot wait, and so I wrote. In this entry, I have lumped together the posts I have written over the past 6 days, including today.

Day 1

Grateful for beauty: We welcomed 2015 by watching the fireworks that were exploding over Ubud. Although fleeting, and perhaps also not environmentally friendly for its noise and air pollution, fireworks remind us that life is filled with beautiful and colourful moments. We just need to pause when they happen, and take them in. Oh, and paraphrasing my partner, the Venice Redentore better step up their game!

My wish for the day: That I will continue to see the beauty of moments spent with my family, especially my children. Now, all parents who have kids will understand this sentiment.

Day 2

Grateful for my capacity to love: Despite disappointments from friends, partners, and acquaintances earlier in my life, I have not lost the capacity to love. It is our capacity to love that helps us to look past the discord, and to make a decision that is the best for all parties involved. Finally, the most important of which is self love.

My wish for the day: That more people understand what love truly means, especially the importance of self-love.

Day 3

Grateful for rain: It has been raining almost daily since early December, perhaps even slightly before that. For me, rain symbolises cleansing. Water has the power to wash things away, and thus create a space for something new. I also love rain for the fact that it keeps our earth from getting dry, and allows plants to quench their thirst.

My favourite memory of rain comes from when I was probably 10 years old. I remember dancing in the rain at the end of the school day, with my school uniform on. The school bus driver made me stand the entire journey home as he did not want me to get the bus seats soaked. I would do it again, if I had to live this life again.

Wish for the day: That more people will enjoy dancing in the rain too!

Day 4

Grateful for children: They show me that unconditional, unlimited love exists in this world.

Wish for the day: That everyone gets to experience unconditional and unlimited love at least once in their life.

Day 5

Grateful for my brain: Sometimes I do wonder how life would be if we did not have a brain to reason out thoughts and make choices.

Wish for the day: That more people come to understand how amazing and powerful their brains are, and to not waste their intelligence!

Day 6

Grateful for sunshine: It has been raining so much the past couple of weeks. As much as I love rain, I also love sunshine, as long as there is low humidity and I go out with my hat on! Sunshine gives energy to many living organisms on our globe. It is such a powerful force that can also destroy because it can spark forest fires and cause droughts too. I feel that we must love and respect the sun more than we already do.

Wish for the day: To be able to hear my daughter sing You Are My Sunshine to me every day for as long as I am alive!

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