My LinkedIn profile states: “I help working professionals — especially mums — aged 30 to 45 years be in their best shape & energy through effective nutrition & active movement including yoga that fits their busy lifestyle.”

How am I in the position to do so? This is where my list of experience comes in.

I am a:

– 250YT specialising in Hatha yoga, Yin yoga, Yoga Core; I teach at Art of Yoga & Yoga Instiinct, as well as private & corporate classes
– Nutrition coach (Pn1)
– Freelance writer, copywriter, copyeditor, features editor with more than 22 years of experience writing about the wellness, fitness, health, and nutrition lifestyle
– 6 Productions Talent Artiste
Nuzest Brand Advocate & Brand Ambassador (quote “PC15” to receive -15% on purchases, free delivery)
Flexilow Apparel Brand Ambassador (quote “PATRICEA20” to receive -20% on purchases, does not cover delivery)
– Best Female of Why Am I Fat 2017, by 6 Productions
– Mentor for contestants of 6 Productions’ Fitness 360 fitness shows
– Certified First Aid Responder
– Mother in my early 40s
– Dancer ~ Yogi ~ Fitness enthusiast ~ Life inspiration

My blog & social media platforms are my channels for inspiring people to live fit, healthy, and well. Because without health, we’re unable to fully Be who we have chosen to Be.

The stories that I share on my blog come from my personal daily experiences. I hope that through these stories, you will find your own inspiration and motivation to transform your life.

If you are looking for someone who moves, lives, eats, breathes, and embodies the fitness & wellness lifestyle, I am your person. Besides being a yoga instructor & nutrition coach, I also keep active with aerial yoga, jazz dance, HIIT, Tabata-style workouts with free weights, as well as weekly 5km runs.

I am also game and open to give any fitness activity a try: I’ve tried aerial silks & aerial hoops, MMA, Muay Thai HIIT workout, Pilates Reformer, and others; check my blog for reviews of some of these.

I’m open to brand sponsorships, partnerships & collaborations; kindly send an email to enquire.